Why Design your own Perfume?



Why Design Your Own Perfume? 

With thousands upon thousands of beautiful perfumes on the market, why would you want to create your own?

Individuality - The most common reason, I think, is a question of individuality. We each like to be a bit different - not too different, that borders on exclusion - but a little different. Something that sets us apart or above, that makes us unique, a one off. A bespoke perfume, is exactly that, distinctive, personal, individual, adding that extra piece of intrigue to our persona. This is me.

Make me feel special - every now and again, we all love to be pampered, complimented, praised, seduced even. We like to feel special. So we wrap ourselves in feel-goods, that aim to attract that special attention we desire - we dress ourselves in beautiful clothes, we style our hair, adorn ourselves with jewellery, and to top it off, wear our perfume to make us smell like a million dollars.

Too much choice - You must have wandered through a perfume store or airport, and been beguiled by the choice. Sometimes it can be totally over-whelming. How much better to be guided in creating your own perfume, a controlled journey, that will leave you not bewildered but delighted in having created your own exquisite perfume.

You know what you like - As we go through life we collect fragrance memories, aromas that remind of events, of people, of places - smells that are special to us and our life story. Often it is difficult to describe or even adequately remember those fragments of fragrances, but a sniff of one of them will reignite those synapses. The perfume creation process can bring memories flooding back and allow you to combine elements of your life in a perfume that is uniquely yours.

Re-Creation - Commercial perfumes come and go. Of course a few classics stand the test of time, Chanel No.5 being the paramount example, but often fragrances are simply retired. Although it is improbable you will be able to accurately recreate a discontinued perfume, you can probably assemble something in the style of, that will fill that gap.