How To Wear Perfume



A question I'm often asked - how should I wear perfume so that it lasts?

Perfume is best worn in layers.

Firstly, don't rub perfume on, this breaks the delicate fragrance bonds, so the perfume will come on strong very quickly, but go away very quickly as well. young womans face adapted from sand art by Kseniya Simonova

The best way to wear perfume is to spray a cloud and walk into it so that it shrouds you like a cloak. Your hair is very good for trapping scent and has less chemical interaction than your skin! Also layering helps, so drop a few drops in your bath, wear a complimenting body spray, then a cloud of your best perfume, and to complete the outfit a few dabs (no rubs) on pulse points (wrists, neck, ears). And of course the stronger the perfume the better it will last, so use the best you can afford.

After a while you will become accustomed to your own scent. You can, in a manner, 'reset' your senses by sniffing something very different, coffee beans for example, or the perfumer's trick is to bury your nose in your elbow - providing you haven't sprayed scent there, of course!