Scents of the Season - Winter



As the scents of summer fade and we move through autumn towards winter, so will our choice of fragrances moves with seasons. In the summer we tend to wear lighter more floral, fresh and fruity based perfumes. They mimic and compliment the aromas that fill the air. As summer fades our tastes shift.

This is entirely natural behaviour. Whilst fragrances help us stand out form the crowd, you would stick out rather awkwardly wearing coconut in the winter or Christmas cinnamon in the summer. Hence we pick perfumes that reflect the changing odours around us.

Wearing commercial perfumes we tend to miss this change a little as we tend to stick to our brands. But even there seasons will influence choice, especially for those who have a well stocked wardrobe of perfumes.

So as autumn envelops us, we tend to be attracted by the slightly heavier earthier elements. The trees are shedding their leaves and as they do the smell of their saps and resins are revealed. These can be bitter sweet, sometimes even sugary. Pine and other evergreens smells we associate with cleaniness become more prominent. A few fragrant flowers persist through autumn such as the pretty white blossoms of Vibernum (pictured).

The ambient temperature also drops and so we tend to search out those perfumes that are slightly stronger and will still shine through even in cold weather. Perfumes become more fragrant when they are warm. This explains why in the warmer weather we go for slightly lighter fragrant perfumes and in the winter we want something a little stronger that would normally overpower in the summer. It is harder for our noses to smell in colder weather.

An experiment for you to try: Spray one of your fragrances onto a piece of tissue and put out on a cold evening. Leave for 5-10 minutes while you wait outside to allow your nose to acclimatise. Then smell the tissue. Now try again inside after leaving the tissue on the radiator for a while. The difference can be surprisingly dramatic, not only on the depth of the smell, but the elements that shine through.

Our perfume choices for the season then, would be those based on warm woods, rich fragrant spices, bitter sweet amber resins, warm and comforting vanilla, and perhaps a touch of either white flowers to add prettiness or the heavier narcotic florals to add depth. Of course the choice is entirely yours. Enjoy the winter!